April 9-13

Hope you all are staying warm through this horrible weather!!!

As most of you know, we begun our Gymnastics unit this past week.

Monday and Wednesday I taught the kids how to do a few different jumps - Tuck, Pike, Star, Standing (Pencil). We walked along our "balance beam" and tried the different jumps onto the mat!

Tuesday was the OSSLT for the grade 10 students, so we had Gym in the class or outside.

Thursday we did some movement games such as mother may I? and I see I see!

Friday was our Fun Friday so the kids got to choose what game they wanted to play!

I hope you have a great Sunday!

April 3-6

Hi Parents,

Hope you had a nice weekend.

We only had 2 days of Gym class last week. Tuesday I was home sick with a fever. Wednesday we did a relay race. Thursday was our Parent/ teacher interviews. and Friday we had fun Friday!

So below are some pictures from our relay race and fun friday!